Linn Park is the greatest place in Glasgow for children of all ages - from prams to those with bikes.

There are four Play Areas:

  • By Netherlee Hall in Linn Park Avenue - with parking,
  • Near the Seil Drive entrance off Old castle Road: NO parking . . .
  • Behind the Mansion House in the park: NO access by car - but a great place for adventurous kids.
  • The Adventure Playground off Netherlee Road [Weekends only] - with plenty of parking.

To see the locations - click here. 


Toilet facilities exist at the Adventure Playground [Weekends only], and at the Linn Park Golf Club.

There are a number of nearby shopping areas, namely

  • Coftfoot Roundabout [Buses]
  • Cathcart [Trains and Buses]
  • Old Cathcart [Trains, Car parking in side roads]
    • Cafe Costello
    • Old Smiddy Pub
  • Netherlee [Buses, Car parking at Netherlee Hall, and Adventure Playground]
    • The Derby Cafe
  • Muirend [Trains and Buses]


A couple of notes for dog walkers .... there are only two important things to mention:

  • First is PLEASE pick your dog's mess for several reasons - not least is it can cause blindness in children, and
  • Second, PLEASE keep your dog under control: that is under control in other people's view, this includes:
    • mother's of small children, and
    • owners of small and or timid dogs.