A couple of notes for dog walkers .... there are only two important things to mention:

  • First is PLEASE pick your dog's mess for several reasons - not least is it can cause blindness in children, and
  • Second, PLEASE keep your dog under control: that is under control in other people's view, this includes:
    • mother's of small children, and
    • owners of small and or timid dogs.

Dog mess and Blindness

One of the biggest causes of blindness in children arises when they rub their eyes having touched dog mess. It is a fact of life, but we can all do a lot to prevent it:

  • Glasgow City Council promote the Your Dog Your Mess, Bag it and Bin it,
  • East Renfrewshire Council promote something similar,

If you see a dog which has made a mess and which the walker has failed to spot, please let them know IMMEDIATELY.

Bag it Bin it PLEASE

For dog walkers, this means keeping a close eye on your dog and acting promptly - especially in dry weather when children are more likely to out and about ... and PLEASE don't forget that they tend to play hide and seek etc in the trees shrubs and bush's ...

For parents, if your child inadvertently touches dog mess, then wash it off as quickly as possible. The White Cart offers a great source of water - but be careful especially when the river is high.

PLEASE bag it and throw it ... but only into a bin. If a bin is too full, PLEASE take it to another one, or dispose at home.

Control of Dogs

AND if your dog is one of those who cannot resist a fight, PLEASE put it on a lead, and if its stronger that you, PLEASE put a muzzle on your dog. There have been a recent spate of attacks by what can only be termed "fierce" breeds. They may be the most loving dog at home: but not necessarily out in the wide world.

And please remember that small children can be easily intimidated by a dog: Can we remind people that if a dog does not return when called then it is not under control and maybe it should be on a lead. Small children can become terrified after continually being jumped at, barked at, jostled and harassed by dogs whilst in the Linn Park. The ever popular comment of "don't worry it won't bite" by the owners 20 yards away just does not wash.

In summary. Think of others when out to enjoy yourself with your dog.