So first of all who are we ?

The answer is simple - a small group of people who love walking in Linn Park, and want to let the world know what a gem it is.

However we do NOT want to go to endless meetings with people who are not real users of the park; we all walk both often and regularly - how often you might ask: once a week as a group of friends, and most of us on a daily basis.

Why did we decide to launch this web site is another good question. After the fiasco of The Log which was occasioned against the wish's of the majority by just two people both of whom felt their demands were paramount AND who both held positions as officers of state supported voluntary organisations, it was obvious that the "voice of the majority" should be heard.

If you wish to make any comments, or submit stuff for use on the web site, please email us using

We own the domain name, and pay for its renewal and the hosting of this web site. And NO we don't want financial assistance. Content is everything and this we aim to provide.

The vast majority of the content has been freely provided by people who like and use the park.