Through the midst of the park runs the White Cart Water in a deep valley with steep sides. The lowest point of the park at Snuff Mill bridge is some 30 metres above sea level. The high point on the edge of the woods and golf course is just over 85 metres above sea level. So the park is quite hilly which makes it good for exercise let alone sledging in the winter snows.


At some 80 hectares (or 200 acres), Linn Park is the second largest park in the City of Glasgow, on the South side, bounded by Muirend and Netherlee to the west, and Croftfoot, (Old) Cathcart and Simshill, and Castlemilk to the east.

With its extensive and varied topography - open grassland on one hand with ancient forests and the steeply wooded river side - you can be assured of an enjoyable visit no matter the time of the year. It is not only a place for children and dogs, but bird watchers and walkers.


To the west, entrances are situated on Clarkston Road at Netherlee, and beside the Adventure Playground in Netherlee Road, where ample parking exists.

The nothern end at Snuff Mill Bridge has two entrances - one each side of the river. Very limited parking on local roads.

A further entrance is at the junction of Seil Drive and Old Castle Road where there is a children's playground but NO parking.

There are three others entrances: One is at the Golf club at the top of Linnview Avenue where it meets Simshill Road where there is lots of parking available. The next is off Lainshaw Drive just past the junction with Drakemire Drive; it is only suitable for walkers as it heads into the Labryinth wood.

The last one is in Monteith Road, Stamperland. Just beside No 122, there is a small path leading to some steps which takes one down to the river. From there one can walk to Netherlee, and thence along the river to the White Bridge.

Please see the location map for entrances to the park.

Public Transport

The best buses for the western side are the 4, and 6 which stop at the Clarkston Road, Netherlee entrance.  For the eastern side, catch buses to Croftfoot Nos 5, 31, and 74 from where it is a just a few minutes to the Golf Course entrance. Click here to see the First Bus route map.

The nearest train station is Cathcart [Cathcart Circle and Neilston trains] from which the Snuff Mill bridge is a 5 minute walk. Alternatively Muirend [on the Neilston line] is the same to the Adventure Playground entrance through the Cathcart Old Cemetry. If you are coming from Newton, or catch the wrong train, then Kings Park station is best.

Please see the location map for the train stations, and suggested bus stops.

Car Parking

Cars are NOT allowed in the park - except for those people who are visiting, or live in, the Stables and the Mansion House: there is a FIVE [5] mile an hour speed limit !

There are three car parks

  • Two on the western side
    • At Netherlee Pavilion in Linnpark Avenue
    • Adventure Playground in Netherlee Road
  • One to the east
    • At Linn Park Golf Course - Linn View and Simshill Road

Please see the location map for the carparks.

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