To put it simply "The Sugar Campbells" were and still are a remarkable family.

It was said of the aristocacy - which included the Sugar Campbells - (Guthrie-Smith, J. and Mitchell, J.O., 1878):

They enjoyed the first condition of an aristocracy - an unquestioned social supremacy... they had their faults, no doubt they were exclusive and intolerant, they carried things with a high hand, and altogether thought more of themselves than there was any need for. But their recognised position at least freed them from the temptation to a vulgar display of wealth and, if they had strong prejudices, and were as slow to take in new ideas as to admit outsiders to their circle, at least they had the courage of their opinions, and were outspoken, sometimes too outspoken, in expressing them.

This quote was chosen by the author of a recent book simply called "The Sugar Campbells".

It is in two parts [click to open in a new window or download]:

Geoff Daniel

The author is Geoff Daniel [left]. Geoff and his wife [right] visited Linn Park with a couple of members of the Linn Park Gentlemen's Walking Club on the 6th September 2016. Having met them at the Old Smiddy - as a convenient place - we walked first round to the Couper Institute where Geoff presented a copy of his tome to Glasgow Libraries. Geoff's wifeThe book was received with a great deal of interest by the library staff - to be blunt they were absolutely mesmerised ....

Then we set off to see the Mansion House with which his family was closely involved. On the way we stopped off at Holmwood House, and thence through Cathcart Cemetery, stopping off at the beach below the waterfall, across the White Bridge to the Mansion House where these photos were taken.

Back to the Old Smiddy for a few quiet pints, meeting Archie Graham [Chairman of Glasgow Life - who run the Library] who of course was much impressed with Geoff's book [of which he had a few remaining to show].

Page 28 of the Family Tree is worth a read ....

Thanks Geoff for a great history book. The actual copy is well worth looking at.