Summer 2019

Strolling along the earthen paths on the banks of the River Cart, the early morning air is cool and fragrant.

Spring 2019
an appreciation

Indescribably exquisite, no artist could ever fully capture the true splendour of a cherry tree in full blossom. Throughout all of the great art galleries of the world nothing compares to the sheer evanescent beauty, of this tree in bloom.

Winter 2018

A mild and damp winter, muddy earthen paths and wet dead grass abounds, our park has become sombre and forlorn, even the people walking here seem to have a glum air about them. But then a new dawn breaks spreading rich bright shadows across field and river; the first frost of the season has arrived.

Autumn 2018

a last glorious flourish

Slowly, with the coming of cooler winds, autumn’s change subtly creeps above the horizon of the turning seasons, and the world of nature starts to slow down and alter. The hectic burgeoning of spring and the long days of summer are being replaced with the bounty that is the harvest of autumn. And in the Linn Park, as the morning sun illuminates the park’s hillside and the top wood, the brilliant hues of autumn’s colours celebrate nature’s last glorious flourish, as the old prepares to make way for the eventual coming of the new.

Summer 2018

Abundant clouds
flowers reaching full bloom,
fragrant green leaves
a gentle cool breeze.


Spring 2018

At last the cold quiet days of winter have slipped away and the new growth of spring is starting to burgeon all around.  Sauntering along the wide path that leads from the park’s main gate, the air is filled with the fragrance of spring and the sound of bird song.  What welcome could be lovelier than that of the bright yellow flowers of the lesser celandine, nestling at the base of tall trees…

Life is often strange

The end of Autumn is when Christmas approaches, and one thinks of Winter, and what to write about Linn Park.

This time the writing of the Winter article has proved somewhat different; simply put, life was disrupted when one of us had his third major heart attack. Nothing strange in that, having had two previous ones. But it is the impact - not only on the patient, but more importantly on close friends and partners.

Wings in White Clouds
It's Autumn

Like a string of sparkling diamonds, drops of dew cling to filaments of a spider’s web, the dawn’s new sun colours the trees with its crystal light and white clouds leisurely travel across a clear blue sky; this is the wealth that lies in the path of a drifting visitor here.

Where have all the people gone?

Where have all the people gone?

For a couple of hours light rain had fallen over the park and most people had abandoned their walk and headed home. Now quiet and almost empty, today the park reveals a different face,an alternative beauty that does not rely upon the sun shining high in the blue of a summer’s sky.

Sometimes, in the early morning you just have to pause to listen to the singing blackbird. His song beautiful and clear, a contemplation for all of life, a natural loveliness that leaves upon the mind fleeting intuitions of the presence of a deeper serenity.

A Late Winter’s Day

On a clear late winter’s day with early frost on the grass crunching under foot, we walk up the hill towards the top wood. In the West the setting sun is turning the sky glorious shades of yellow and gold. Absorbed, enchanted; we stand and look until the sky starts to darken, before walking on along the quiet evening footpaths of the park.

Autumn in Linn Park

In the morning breeze trees along the river bank start to drop their leaves into the flowing water – autumn is arriving. The river Cart enfolds the autumn colours the evening sun brightens the reds of the trees.

A Summer’s Morning

Early in the morning on a bright summer’s day, is the best time to wander in the park. With few people about all is quiet, the air is fresh and still, morning dew sparkles and glitters in bright early sun each drop shining beauty into the start of this new day. Soon dogs will be barking, ponies will canter up green slopes, people will talk, laugh and shout but for now, all is peaceful here.

Winter 2015 – A Winter Meadow

Standing in the meadow below the top wood, wrapped up warmly against a cold winter shower,
enjoying a sense of complete freedom and solitude.  On this bleak, but beautiful day…

On the tips
            of withered reeds
just a patch
            of sunlight remains
in the falling winter rain.

            Otagaki Rengetsu          

…we send this moment to you.

From morning,
perfectly tranquil,
far removed from
the world’s turmoil –
I am one with the spring mist…


Autumn 2015 – Walking the Quiet Paths Together

There is a quiet sense of serenity to an early autumn morning; the shades of brown, copper, gold and yellow that mantle the trees are vibrant and dazzling.

Summer 2015

Come let us walk together for a little while. In the pleasant coolness of a bright, sunny early summer’s morning let us stroll along this path beside the river, its slow moving waters broad and shinning.

Spring 2015

In spring sleep, dawn arrives unnoticed.
Suddenly, all around, I hear birds in song.

Meng Hao-jan

Spring Flowers - Easter 2015

A Delightful Afternoon Walk - Winter 2014

Turning seasons - Winter; it is such a privilege to walk in a place such as this. Here in the park every day is different, the mood of the paths, woods and river ever shifting always changing. Even on this cold, late winter’s afternoon, the Linn is a joy. Strolling along the quiet pathways in cosy winter clothes with body warm and mind relaxed, could anyone ask for more; who would want to change any of this?

Summer is here - June 2014

Foxglove in the top woodUp and out in an early summer’s morning. Already flowers are opening to welcome the sun, photosynthesis notches up a gear and another summer’s day starts. There is a hush about such a morning, not silence, but rather it is like the noises of the world are attenuated, muted, the new day tempting us to take things a little easier, inviting us to go with the natural flow of things as the warmth of the sun increases. These are the days when trees grow in height and girth, seeds form and become plump; the whole world of nature blooms and revels in the strengthening of the sun’s rays.

An Autumn Morning - 2014

Peace at the Waterfall

I look forward to autumn mornings, misty mornings that soften shapes and mute sounds, mornings that have a sense of mystery about them, times when even the familiar can look other worldly and magical.  Autumn, this enigmatic season is like no other.

A Winter's Walk in December 2013

Outside of the window late autumn leaves still lie on the ground, but with winter’s cold now starting to bight they shine with frost in the early morning sunlight. Skies clear the air unbelievably crisp and pure, the atmosphere incredibly still; there is hardly a sound to be heard and no movement to be seen. Turning seasons, yesterday a late autumn’s evening today, an early winter’s dawn.

This bright, cold, day is ideal for walking the quiet paths of Linn Park. Crisp leaves crunch under one’s boots, the only sound to be heard in the time before the world awakens, sounds that hardly disturb the stillness of this early winter’s morning. Who would wish to disturb such stillness?

Aspects of Autumn - 2013

Turning seasons, summer goes unnoticed, the days slowly shorten and little by little the gentle summer breeze becomes cooler, summer’s warmth giving way to the coming of autumn.

There is a quiet sense of peacefulness to an early autumn morning walk in the Linn Park. The many shades of brown, copper, gold and yellow that mantle the trees are vibrant and dazzling. The sound of the waters of the river Cart add to the sense of quietness that surrounds one as you wander along and allow the chattering demands of the coming day to simply drift away, for a little while.

Well first of all a birthday to talk about . . . .

We are all getting older but:

  • Is this the first day of the rest of your life, or
  • Are you a day nearer to dying ?

Really the question is whether are you a positive or a negative person. We are all positive people, and [try to] see the best in people.

A Late Spring Walk - May 2013

The Linn Park is rich in woodland that has been left to mature naturally. 

There is nothing quite like walking through a wood. Just being surrounded by large and matures trees, the air filled with bird song, the tranquillity of the wood which counters the overwhelming sense of busy-ness that most of us experience in our daily lives. And then two squirrels chase each other around the large trunk of an old pine. Whose mood would not be uplifted by watching their antics, it is as if they were putting on a show just for you.

Aspects of Spring - 2013

At this time in the morning before the world of human beings awake, the glow from the coming sunrise is already starting to lighten the sky, starting to fade the brightness of the night’s moon. In the quiet of the early morning the air is filled with the exuberance of bird song, which only enriches the fragrance of a new day - spring.

Some Winter Photographs - December 2010

The following gallery was provided by a regular park walker a few years ago when this site was first conceived ... but eventually we have got there.

From a regular walker in Linn Park for over twenty years ....

A Quotation ....

It is the same with all things. What starts out being sincere usually ends up being deceitful. What was simple in the beginning acquired monstrous proportions in the end.

Chuang Tzu
(3rd century BC)

A saying ....

"How do you get someone to trust you? You talk to them. How do you get them to keep trusting you? You keep talking to them. What happens if you stop talking to them? They stop trusting you, mainly because they assume you've got nothing good to say any more."