Autumn 2018

a last glorious flourish

Slowly, with the coming of cooler winds, autumn’s change subtly creeps above the horizon of the turning seasons, and the world of nature starts to slow down and alter. The hectic burgeoning of spring and the long days of summer are being replaced with the bounty that is the harvest of autumn. And in the Linn Park, as the morning sun illuminates the park’s hillside and the top wood, the brilliant hues of autumn’s colours celebrate nature’s last glorious flourish, as the old prepares to make way for the eventual coming of the new.

What a pleasure it is to be out early in the park on a bright autumn morning, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot and the feeling of cool pure mist on the face brings one into physical contact, with the very essence of this season itself. Autumn storms have not yet arrived and the river Cart runs more slowly, its surface waters still and clear, reflects the changing colours along its banks. Wandering the paths of the Walk Way, the smell of river water, fungi, damp earth and pine combine to create the woody, resinous, earthy signature of these weeks before the onset of winter. Breathe deeply and let the mind immerse itself in this unique fragrance of the season, for soon it will be gone, chased away by the freezing fingers of the coming winter.

Subtle; autumn can be truly appreciated in the park while wandering on one of its soft yielding paths, standing on the banks of the Cart, or enjoying the quietness of its woods. Out on the pavements of the city autumn is experienced merely as the cooling and shortening of the passing days. This season of mystery and hanging colour, is reduced to a mere inconvenience of chilling winds as yet another year moves towards its end. Out in the streets, who has the time to experience the essence of a season that is captured by the smell of a woody, resinous perfume, so prevalent in meandering paths of the Linn?

There is a quiet sense of serenity to an early autumn morning stroll in the Linn;
the shades of brown, copper, gold and yellow that mantle the trees so vibrant and dazzling.