Aspects of Spring - 2013

At this time in the morning before the world of human beings awake, the glow from the coming sunrise is already starting to lighten the sky, starting to fade the brightness of the night’s moon. In the quiet of the early morning the air is filled with the exuberance of bird song, which only enriches the fragrance of a new day - spring.

What a way to start a new day, a cascade of sound, colour and warmth, what could equal this? Countless shades of green abound as new leaves burst forth. From the highest tree to the smallest of ground plant each leaf reaches towards the strengthening power of the sun. The early spring flowers of field, woodland and river bank add splashes of colour to bleak winter ground.

Spring, this is season that kick-starts the energy converting process of photosynthesis, the foundation upon which rests all of life’s food chains. More important than any economic system, business or commercial activity, photosynthesis is vital to all life on this planet. So, breaking free from all thoughts of economy, work and spending, for a while, there is a real delight to be found in simply watching the changing mood of our natural surroundings at this time of the year, especially here in this haven, in the middle of suburban Glasgow.

At this time of the morning the air is fresh and filled with the heady, musky fragrance of a new spring day. This the fragrance of rich, warming earth and the emerald and jade shades of new green leaves, the smell of life bursting onto the scene, glad to be free from the frosts of winter, this the unique scent of springtime and the promise it holds. And then in the evening, suffusing the air that fragrance alters, its nature changes, heralding the coming of spring showers.

New roots spreading out, pools of water forming for all in need of a drink, air being cleansed and refreshed; soft rain pattering on new tender leaves, mind quiet, body relaxed and calm, the way of nature flows of itself here in the quiet of Linn Park.