From morning,
perfectly tranquil,
far removed from
the world’s turmoil –
I am one with the spring mist…


…and then as the early morning mist starts to clear, indescribably exquisite, the splendour of new spring leaves clothing the branches of the park’s trees. What artist could ever fully capture the true splendour of this moment - springtime in Linn Park. Wander along aimlessly, mind quiet and calm, here and there you notice the first small yellow blooms at the edge of paths, then a haze of wood anemones down woody slopes and now the gentle and quite restrained first whiff of wild garlic, before its more robust and pungent fragrance becomes unmissable. Look over there; a pair of dippers dart up stream along the beat of the River Cart’s resident kingfishers, and even at this time of the morning, mallard drakes are noisily chasing and squabbling over reluctant ducks. All around the park is coming alive with life after the dormant quietness, of the long winter months.

Take a turn up the field towards the Top Wood and along the edge of the meadow. Look carefully and here and there, encouraged by the strengthening spring sunshine that is chasing away the chill of winter, the hint of new growth amongst the debris of last summer’s growth. Standing here in the gentle warmth of the suns early rays, you catch that indescribable scent of spring; incredibly subtle, move for even a moment and you lose it. But pause a little while longer and it is there, blending with the songs of birds and the murmuring of trees. At the edge of the meadow on this spring morning, mind quiet and calm, your senses become filled with the sights, sounds and perfume of springtime in the Park.