Spring 2019
an appreciation

Indescribably exquisite, no artist could ever fully capture the true splendour of a cherry tree in full blossom. Throughout all of the great art galleries of the world nothing compares to the sheer evanescent beauty, of this tree in bloom.

More than a delight for the eyes, the blossoms nectar provides a feast for early pollinating insects for a short but glorious time, before an evening wind blows millions of petals from thousands of branches, clothing our pathways in a delicate carpet of pink. Who would dare disturb such a sight? Then, as the blossoms are finally blown to the furthest extent of the wind, the cherry tree continues to provide by affording room for nesting birds, homes, food and refuge for numerous small creatures and, when passing and caught in a shower of rain, shelter for you and me. How contradictory our human world has become, always striving for more, how often we ignore that which we do not have to strive for.

As simple as that –
spring has finally arrived
with a pale blue sky

Kobayashi Issa
Tr. Sam Hamill

And so spring unfolds with layer after layer of growth and renewal. Birds fly north and south during their migration, hibernations come to an end with wet noses sniffing out much needed food and new leaves break free, from their protective casings. All of this spring activity is just part of a continuous medley of colour, excitement and renewal. No need for management or supervision, no need for rules, regulations or procedures, for all of this renewal occurs within an interacting, self-generating, self-regulating web of life. Each plant, bird, insect and animal follows their own nature, but they are all eventually reliant upon the natural environment of which they are a part, and so too are we.

In spring sleep, dawn arrives unnoticed.
Suddenly, all around, I hear birds in song.

Meng Hao-jan

Thanks to Sandra and Nadia for the photos in Rhannan Road