Well first of all a birthday to talk about . . . .

We are all getting older but:

  • Is this the first day of the rest of your life, or
  • Are you a day nearer to dying ?

Really the question is whether are you a positive or a negative person. We are all positive people, and [try to] see the best in people.

Walking off towards the beach we stopped by the river below the first flight of steps. A duck and two, no three, no four ducklings.

Walk round the beach to the water fall. Nothing out of the ordinary till the White Bridge: several dogs - some swimming - and lots of young people chatting and laughing: around the corner coming from the main gate comes two ladies with three Staffordshire Bull Terriers: two of them start attacking the other dogs, and one a small child. We launched into action and it settled down.

LP OldWW Flowers June12 02Continued up the White Cart Walkway towards Stamperland. Along the river's edge the wild roses are just coming out. No sign of the Heron along the calm bit of the river - good fishing there [probably thanks to the Busby Fishing Club]. Back to the White Bridge, but stopped on the way to look at the Weir. Burned out Wheelie Bin, the rubbish has been taken out and dumped.

Over the bridge and up over the rigs n furrows to the top meadow. Going up we see two Golden Finches and some Swallows - swooping just inches above the wild flowers which are coming out all over the place. Don't be put off by the mass of butter cups - at least the dandelions are mostly over.

Into the top wood and round the new path: why do some dog walkers put dog shit in prominent places - like on top on one of the STAG marker posts ? There  appears to be probably just one person who thinks that dogs ought to be able to defacate where they want. This is a mist unwholesome sight which the 99% of well behaved dog owners dislike as much as those of us without dogs.

Back down across the field down the hill into what was once a small animal and bird zoo to see the Bamboo and Acer. Then back to the Snuff Mill bridge to go our separate ways.