Summer 2015

Come let us walk together for a little while. In the pleasant coolness of a bright, sunny early summer’s morning let us stroll along this path beside the river, its slow moving waters broad and shinning.

There is always a sense of hush at this time in the morning before the world starts to stir; a sense of underlying quietness, which the sound of bird song only adds to. As we wander along let our pace be in harmony with our surroundings so that we become part of, blend in with, the landscape through which we are walking. Even our occasional chat will be as hushed as the morning air.

From the banks of the River Cart we wander up the grass hill towards the top-wood. There is nothing quite like walking through a wood. Just being surrounded by large and matures trees, the air filled with bird song, the tranquillity of the wood counters the overwhelming sense of busy-ness that most of us experience in our daily lives. And then two squirrels chase each other around the large trunk of a Scots Pine. Whose mood would not be uplifted by watching their antics, it is as if they were putting on a show just for us.

Approaching the edge of the wood the sun dappled path became increasingly bright and we step out onto the zig-zag path, which runs down this sunny meadow. A riot of yellow flowers, green grass, here and there patches of vibrant blue and streaks of creamy white. Pausing for a little while just to look at the sheer breath-taking beauty of it all. Tall trees border the whole meadow, bird song echoing everywhere and then the sweet, heady perfume of wild clover fills the air, and the senses. Hesitating, reluctant to move onwards, a feeling of calmness sweeps over us and the usual cares of the day dissolve into mere shadows of what they were. We look at each other, here in the middle of busy suburban Glasgow this oases of calm, this sanctuary from the hubbub of City life.