A Summer’s Morning

Early in the morning on a bright summer’s day, is the best time to wander in the park. With few people about all is quiet, the air is fresh and still, morning dew sparkles and glitters in bright early sun each drop shining beauty into the start of this new day. Soon dogs will be barking, ponies will canter up green slopes, people will talk, laugh and shout but for now, all is peaceful here.

Mind free, body relaxed, the cares and demands of the day ahead have yet to make their presence known: how easy it is to feel a different quality of life, at times such as these. Strolling onto a grassy field, without wishing to damage even a single blade of grass or harm the smallest of insects that might cross your path, the feeling is inexpressible ...

Little beetle
scurrying along the path
I will watch over you.

...and you find that you have become one with the nature of the park itself.

This hillside has become a blanket of the brightest yellow with dots of minuet blue flowers peeping through. The glories of the first blooming of our resident orchids has arrived and the heady scent of clover enfolds all. The whole atmosphere that surrounds you reveals itself as a quiet celebration of nature’s beauty. Now look over there. As the warmth of the sun starts grow a single butterfly stretches its wings and flies carefree amongst wild flowers...

Gliding amongst wild flowers
a lone butterfly
explores the joys of life.

...watching transfixed by the freedom of her movements, perhaps we might learn a lesson, from such a charming little creature.

Out of the field and into the woods, wandering now amongst tall pines, the cool of the morning becomes cooler still. Stop for a while, sit on a fallen tree trunk, relax and let the minutes drift away unhindered. Sitting here the senses are filled with the song of woodland birds, the dancing shadows of sunlight shining through trees and the mysterious murmurings of a myriad of tiny creatures...

Layer after layer of peace
exquisite moments of tranquillity –
fragrant woodland path.

...and then a passer-by bids a gentle “good morning,” and a glorious daybreak becomes complete.