Where have all the people gone?

Where have all the people gone?

For a couple of hours light rain had fallen over the park and most people had abandoned their walk and headed home. Now quiet and almost empty, today the park reveals a different face,an alternative beauty that does not rely upon the sun shining high in the blue of a summer’s sky.

Today, undisturbed, you can enjoy the pleasures of a rainy morning quietly wandering in the Linn. On mornings like this the park seems to fill the senses. Feel the cool, light rain, refreshyour face and hands, listen to the almost silent hiss of raindrops, as they tumble through high trees and watch, as they pattern a calm river surface, flowing beneath the White Bridge. Tinyrivulets splash and wash across the path in front of you, and the wistful call of a nearby woodpigeon, rapt in wet pine wood smells, announces that you are not wandering alone. Thismorning the park freely shares its many secret enchantments, with all who linger here, for a while.

Summer rain clears all of grime and dust from the air, feeds the earth and refreshes the river.Summer rain opens the eyes and makes us aware of things usually unseen; a little yellow flower growing amongst the tall grasses of the meadow, tips its cargo of raindrops gracefully onto the earth…

Settling, soft summer rain
does not discriminate
–each drop its home.

…caught up in all of this, and miles away from the usual demands of the daily routine, feel your mind relax and your body unclench.

But light summer rain does not last all day. Soon dark clouds drift away and patches of blue appear in the sky. The sun peeps through transforming the raindrops that still cling to grassand leaf into shining, sparkling gems, more lovely than the brightest of diamonds. Soon the air will be filled with the heady scent of clover, which grows in the fields that border the zig-zag path and meadow flowers, will delight again in a sunny sky. Who could fail to be enchanted, by a day such as this?

The sun shines bright once more over Linn Park and soon people will be idly strolling, playing and walking dogs again, but how many will pause to watch a lone butterfly landgently upon the little yellow flower, which lives amid tall grasses?

Gliding amongst wild flowers
a lone butterfly
-explores the joys of life.