A Delightful Afternoon Walk - Winter 2014

Turning seasons - Winter; it is such a privilege to walk in a place such as this. Here in the park every day is different, the mood of the paths, woods and river ever shifting always changing. Even on this cold, late winter’s afternoon, the Linn is a joy. Strolling along the quiet pathways in cosy winter clothes with body warm and mind relaxed, could anyone ask for more; who would want to change any of this?

A delightful afternoon walking, but at this time of the year nightfall comes early and quickly. The night’s cold air is brilliantly clear and the cloudless sky allows the moon to flood the path ahead, in a silvery light. Bright and clear, the moon shines through the trees of the pine wood casting deep and mysterious shadows, as the first frost of night starts to form and twinkle. There is a striking quietness when walking alone in the park on evenings such as this; strolling along listening with ears that can catch the sounds of silence. The quiet waters of the flowing river Cart, the occasional rustle of a bird settling in for the night and the soft step of boot on path, all harmonise to create a unique feeling of freedom and joy at just being here, nothing more, nothing less.

Wandering these quiet paths the senses, jaded by the modern world, come alive as you delight in the beautiful shadows created by a brilliant, frosty moon. But then, the first sounds of a gentle breeze that just start to move the branches at the very top of the trees, and then the faint fragrance that heralds the coming of light rain. Mind quiet, you hardly want to think about all of this frightened that even the smallest movement of thought, might chase these sensations away into the dark of a Linn Park night.

Thanks to Aileen Milne for these fantastic photographs.