Winter 2018

A mild and damp winter, muddy earthen paths and wet dead grass abounds, our park has become sombre and forlorn, even the people walking here seem to have a glum air about them. But then a new dawn breaks spreading rich bright shadows across field and river; the first frost of the season has arrived.

The unseen dew drops that clung to leaf and grass yesterday have been transformed, into beautiful frozen crystals of ice that tinge the land with sparkling white. There is delight and enchantment in days such as this. Muddy paths are now frozen solid, the trees in the woods stand serene, their boughs and branches making grand architectural statements, everywhere you look, the Linn has been transformed. Cloaked in this mantle of shining white, its forsaken air has already gone and the people I pass, now smile easily and nod hello.

tastefully conceived
the park is brightened
by winter frosts

As time moves on night arrives. Bright and clear, the moon shines through the trees of the top wood casting deep and mysterious shadows, as the frost of night again start to form and twinkle. There is a striking quietness when walking alone on winter evenings like this, while listening with ears that can catch the sounds of silence. The murmuring of the quiet waters of the flowing river below, the occasional rustle of a bird settling in for the night and the soft step of boot on path, all harmonise to create a unique feeling of freedom and joy at just being here in the moment; nothing more, nothing less.

Sparkling frosty mornings, crisp white frost to walk upon and the moon of a winter night to guide me home, moments of pleasure in the wintry world of Linn Park, where every season brings fresh delights to discover.

Some fabulous photos by "Alisdairs Photos" taken on 3rd February 2019 - as we approach the end of Winter ...