There are two basic routes between the Snuff Mill and the White Bridge. One to the West of the river, and the other to the East.

The route to the West along the White Cart Walkway is scenically extremely attractive but it does have some 200 steps - some up some down - which make it unsuitable for Prams and Bicycles - it is also very muddy in places; whereas the on the Eastern side is a tarmac path with some steep but not unassailable grades - but it suffers from a lack of drainage.


White Cart Walkway - Western Path

The White Cart Walkway, the path is signposted, and starts on the western end of the Snuff Mill Bridge. Straight up the steps to the left after you cross the bridge. Enjoy the river view: dippers, wagtails, and kingfishers are often seen as well as the occasional otter and heron.

If you do not want to "do the steps" [and the mud] there is perfectly viable and attractive alternative.

Go over the Bridge, up Snuff Mill Road, and turn left into Netherlee Road. Then there are four options:

  • You turn left into the estate of flats, and walk down Millholm Road till it crosses the walkway, and go left up the recently cleaned steps and the cleared puddle [December 2017]. Follow the walkway.
  • You can cut throught the Cemetery and head for the far [south east] corner joining the path from the Adventure Playground,
  • You can cut down to the White Bridge through the Adventure Playground car park using the path,
  • Slightly longer continue to the Clarkston Road entrance and use the main entrance.

The roads are delightful, and Along Netherlee Road one passes between two cemeteries. The one to west (Muirend side) is well worth a walk through. There is a "wicket" half way along. Once you get to the entrances, just beyond is the Adventure Playground through whose car park there is a short cut to the White Bridge.

BEWARE: The section of the White Cart Walkway from the Snuffmill Bridge to Millholm Road has not been maintained for many years, and thus in places it is very muddy; there are broken / decaying steps, and where it comes down to the river - a good place to see many of the river birds - there is what is best described as a mudbath.

The section from Millholm Road to the White Bridge has recently been covered in tarmac. Some of the steps are no longer flat but angled meaning they are now dangerous. The previous surface was whin on stone - this is safe to walk on in just about any condition - leaves, frost and whatever. The tarmac surface is treacherous except in the driest weather, and with frost it becomes simply lethal. Unfortunately the spurs to the beach and the waterfall view point were similarly treated. It is hardly safe to stand and watch the waterfall.

The tarmac on the path from the Adventure Playground from the corner of the Cemetery is tarmac, and it slopes steeply, making it dangerous much of the time, especially with leaves, wet, and in frosty conditions almost suicidal.

Eastern Path

The route on the Eastern side is also attractive in parts. The path starts at the junction where Greenock Avenue joins Snuff Mill Road. Please do not park on the corner.

As one enters there is a path on the left hand side through the trees going up to the castle. The remains of the weir are visible on the western side. The channel (or adit) which brought the water to the mill ran alongside the path - tho' nothing can now be seen. See the article on Linn Mills.

The open area along side the river is excellent for picnics, and generally meeting and chilling out. As you climb the hill, there is the appalling "green" fence - it is actually a military specification fence of the type normally used for secure areas inside military bases. Towards the end of this fence you can just see the last rock fall.

BEWARE: The rest of the route has a poorly constructed metal fence which is some 0.3 m [1 foot] too high, making climbing it riskier than necessary.

There are two alternative routes if you want; both are slightly muddy grass paths:

  • The first option runs generally just inside the fence alongside Linnview Avenue. Walk across the grass and past the now removed climbing rope - the centre pole is still there - and at the southern end is the path. It comes out by the Golf Course Club House.
  • Just after the end of the green fence, there is a steep path to the left - straight up the hill to the Club House

From the Club House, just walk westwards across the grass towards the Pine Wood, and back onto the path.

Once you are at the Pinewood, you may choose to take one of the numerous muddy paths through it. Sadly, the best path along the bank above the river is no longer accessible - although it is in first class condtion.