The St Andrews Orienteering Club (Glasgow) have recently created a second course. For more information on them please visit at where you can find details of all of their Orienteering courses.

There are two courses in Linn Park. The old one, and the new one just finished.

Old Style PostThe original STAG course is marked by small concrete posts. It starts at the Golf Course Club House,  goes round the Top Wood, down round the Pine Wood, to Court Knowe and back. The type of path is not indicated on the route map... varies from muddy to road.

When the new fence was erected, post nine became inaccessible. Please do not climb over the fence: not only is it too high, but is also poorly constructed. When the course was first set up there was no fence. 

Post 14 is interesting: there are two editions,Old post no 14 both quite near each other. The new one seems to be New post no 14 a piece of wall coping with 14 painted on it.

New post style

The new course uses taller wooden posts. Although the course is somewhat shorter, some of the posts are less easy to locate. On the map, we have shown a post at what we presume is the start at the Golf Course Club House.

The concept appears to be that you print the map, and go to each marker in turn. Each marker has a number on the front and a symbol on the rear. On the old concrete posts, much of the paint has peeled off, so it is not always possible to get the letter on the rear. On the new ones there are symbols.