There is only one hill in Linn Park, and from it there are some fantastic views. On it there are three places which might be termed View Points, and at the northern end of the park is Court Knowe. There are also stunning views all along the river on both sides - including above and below the waterfall.

Click to see the map showing the View Points, and how to get to them. There are of course lots more ways that are not shown.


Top of the Golf Course - The Trig Point

Looking north on November day

Looking north on a fine clear day one can just see the tip of the top of Ben Lomond [not in this photo], the Campsies, further afield. 

You can get up the hill a number of ways:

  • From the golf course, walk up the track through the course - it is a public path - but please give way to golfers. Once round the corner at the top take a small path to the right - up a few steps - and at the top walk up to the top of the bank by the greens.
  • From the top of the pine wood across the road there is a woodland path up through the trees.
  • From the hard "Zig Zag" path, either cut across up the field to the top corner, or one you get into the wood, take the woodland path up to the left.

The small trees around the Trig Point have been cleared [late November 2016]. In 2016, The BBC collected some fantastic photographs of them:

What Can be seen from the Trig Point

The big question is what other points were surveyed from this one - or what are the peaks that you can see from it ? Its status is recorded here:, which gives all the information about the Trig Point - Height: 84.996 Meters.

The BIG question is "What can be seen from the Trig Point". That is a difficult one, but an easier one is for example: "Can I see Ben Lomond", or wherever.

The answer is YES, one can see Ben Lomond on a clear day. There is a fantastic web site which can answer this type of question: Click here: It is easy to use: we suggest that you use it like this:

  • Click on the link to the web site. On the map spot the Purple X, which is the Trig Point.
  • Now use the map - it is an interactive Google Map. Zoom in or out, and locate what you think you might see. Click on the place. 
  • The "horizon" is represented by the top graph. Click a little to the left of the "E" and that is the Cathkin Braes.
  • Enjoy: and NO one cannot see Ben Nevis !

Thanks to Ian Harris who runs the Trig Point web site for pointing us in the right direction....

Top of the Field

This is a great place for a pic-nic or barbecue. Someone has evern put a rubbish bin near by - tho unsurprisingly the Parks Department do not empty it.

Not only is the view great, but a sense of being above the worls prevails - its very peaceful, except in a gale.

Top of the Meadow

There are great views to the South and West from where the "Zig Zag" path enters and leaves the top wood.

Court Knowe

Court Knowe - What you can see

The best description of the view at Court Knowe is the information board pointing out the major sites. It is just to the west [or left if you are looking north] of the monument.

However don't be disappointed in the summer: because of the foliage on the trees you are unlikely to see beyond the edge of the park ! Best time is a clear winter day.