The White Cart does have fish in it ... lots in fact. The number of times one walks past a pool, and there are lots, and sees the ripples. On occasion one gets glimpse of a snout, and the Gentlemen have actually heard the snap of a fish's jaws !

Pleas email any photos to appreciate photographs of any fish caught or seen in the White Cart.


They come into the river ... and you can see them at the end of October trying to jump the Waterfall below the White Bridge. 

See Aileen Milne's Facebook video of the waterfall and a salmon [opens in a new window and you need to be logged into Facebook, at 44 seconds, in the middle horinzontally, and quite low down through the tree branches].

Mhairi McClair managed to film this one early in November 2017

Jumping Salmon

The Hatted Botanist managed to catch one jumping.... See it over on the right hand side of the photograph about half way up the waterfall.

Brown Trout

Brown TroutRipples

These are quite are common.

Remarkably, one of the Gentlemen tried and failed to get a photograph of the hordes of flies on the river - but a Brown Trout got lucky. See it on the left hand edge of the photograph on the left. And on the right the ripples after his supper !

Brown Trout caught from the beachTrout being returned into the river


And they do get caught and returned to the river.


Grayling from lower down the river

This is a Grayling from lower down the river.... Anyone landed one and taken a photo - please let us know. 


This page was created on the 8th August 2013: Under Eels, it said "We would like some photographs...." and now on the 7th July 2019 we have one. Thanks Ralf.